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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

London Fridge is falling down

I read a story in the Dallas Morning News earlier this week that has horrifying repercussions for the future. The article talked about how some school districts are either outright prohibiting the use of refrigerators in classrooms or charging teachers for their usage.
For the past three years, I have had a refrigerator in my classroom. This is the same mini-fridge that I had throughout my undergraduate days. It's small, it's dingy, but it keeps my cool stuff cool. And really, that's what I need in my classroom, something to keep my water/Gatorade/Hot Pockets from burning up. Not to mention the fact that it makes for nice extra shelf space.
What's even more worrying is the slippery slope that this puts us all on. First, my refrigerator. But then what? My microwave oven? My crockpot? My large-capacity deep freezer? My matching washer/dryer??? WHERE DOES IT END?!?


Mrs. T said...

The Frigi-cops busted our department this year and made us unplug our fridge. They claimed it costs the district hundreds of dollars a year to run "non-necessary" appliances. We tried to camoflouge it, but those cops are good. They weren't buying our story that it was really a duck blind.

Mister Teacher said...

And just who decides what is "non-necessary?" The Fridge Nazis?