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Monday, June 12, 2006

Off the job training

So does anyone else out there continuing education classes over the summer? Here in Texas, or at least in Dallas, we are required to take 21 hours. Normally, this is broken down into three day-long classes, but this year, I have to take FOUR classes. Thankfully though, two of them are half-day, so it's really just three days that I have to spend in the classroom.
I took one of the classes already, last week. It was a class about teaching reading strategies to struggling students, especially ELL kids. ELL means English Language Learners. Since I work in Dallas, I like to add a D to the beginning of that and tell my fellow teachers, "Dude, you're getting a DELL!"
Tomorrow, I am taking a class called "Delivering Quality Math Instruction to ELL and Struggling Learners." Yes, it's basically the math version of what I took last week. Then on Thursday, I have a half-day science class and a half-day social studies class. Of course, I don't even teach social studies, but oh well, it's not like I'm doing anything else this summer...
So how about it? What else (if anything) are other teachers around the country taking or doing over the summer?


Mrs. T said...

Dude! Are you sure you weren't sitting in my "class" today???
Very spooky. What are you doing June 23? Cuz I'll be back in class. All day.

Mister Teacher said...

Nope won't be in class on June 23. I will be done with my classes by the end of this week.