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Friday, July 21, 2006

Vacation (of the non--National Lampoon variety)

Well, the end of the summer is fast approaching (even if the temperatures and the lack of water keep increasing). Only a handful of weeks left until I'm back into the grind of the new school year, hopefully with all new stories to regale you with. For the time being, however, I am taking a break.
This is due to two factors.
First: My throat has been bothering me. I don't know if this is because I have been talking too much (I use voice recognition software when I'm on the computer, so I'm talking instead of typing right now), or if I am coming down with something. I visited the doctor today, and he didn't immediately assess me with The Bird Flu or West Nile Virus, so maybe it's just a minor irritation that will go away.
Second, and more important: A good buddy and my former college roommate is coming into town from DC and staying the week. So I will be hanging out with him, looting, pillaging, carousing, and possibly even pruning some hedges.

So don't look for me to post anything new between now and next weekend. In the words of my good buddy, the current California Governor:

Hasta la vista, baby!


Mrs. T said...

Have a wonderful, well-deserved time! While you're taking a break, do something blog-worthy, though, so you have something to regale us with upon your return. (cuz, you know, it's all about us, your Faithful Readers.)

mcdeft said...

Love your blog (and your book)! I'm a lot like you--telecom casualty, in DISD, 5th grade in my case.

What voice recognition software are you using? My carpal tunnel (developed, no doubt, in telecomland) has gotten worse over this summer.

kontan said...

Better take care of the voice b/f school starts!

Moo Cows of Death said...


P.S. Link me up, baby!

zhudaddy said...

Hmmmm, "pruning some hedges?"

Be sure to wear gloves on those apendages.

bernadette said...

Funny stuff here!

Ms. Cornelius issued my hall pass. I have eleven children and all of them have the same father, who is an engineer, by the way.

Enjoy your vacation!