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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Public-service message from your friendly neighborhood Misterteacher

I have not yet visited my local Cineplex to see Superman Returns -- so please don't anyone ruin it for me by telling me that the boat sinks, he's really been dead the whole time, or that the chick is a dude! But I was talking to a buddy last night, and he told me that before his showing of Superman, he got to see the trailer for next summer's Spiderman 3. This of course made me scramble to my computer to download it.
And if you're into these kinds of things, it was well worth it.
Here is the link, if you want to check it out.
Spiderman was always my favorite comic book growing up. And I have been incredibly impressed with the job that Sam Raimi has done on the first two movie installments. Judging by this short but exciting trailer, it looks like he's made the superhero hat trick. Thomas Hayden Church looks EXACTLY like the comic book version of Sandman. And the alien suit... The black symbiote outfit... I'm already salivating with anticipation.


Mike in Texas said...

It's hard to imagine Lowell Mather as an evil villian.

Trixie said...

I know this has nothing to do with Spiderman, but I am looking forward to the 3rd installment, but on the recommendation by Mike in Texas and yourself..I have purchased a copy of your book.

I have included your blog as one of my daily reads. Even though I have been out of the teaching profession for a few years, I find your stories very amusing and thought provoking...i may just end up buying another one for one of my friends who teaches english/speech in a DFW area school--plus it's nice to hear the REAL truth instead of what I learned in college

Mister Teacher said...

Mike, is it easier to imagine him as a good-hearted villain? ;)

Trixie, thank you very much for your recent purchase! This was just today, or have you already received the book? I had noticed that your Internet address implies that you are from Texas Tech, and I had wondered if you were an education student or a professor there. If you are out of the teaching profession, what do you do in Lubbock?
Thanks for reading!

Trixie said...

I am currently both a graduate student in the Public Administration program as well as an employee. I work in the chemistry dept as a secretary for the Academic Office.

I however am a certified elementary school teacher who left the profession due to frustration and a bad first year experience. Along with the Public Administration degree, I am working on my technology teacher certification classes. I am considering reentering the profession.

I just ordered the book earlier today. I am looking forward to reading it.

Mike in Texas said...


I can still hear him saying on Wings, when informed that his wife is having sex in a car with his friend Fred, "You know, that Fred's a hell of a bowler"

Mister Teacher said...

Well Trixie, good luck with that, and again thanks for buying the book!