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Friday, July 07, 2006

Mikey likes it!

Man, it is Friday, and I am feeling the love! Sure, I'm on summer vacation, which means I haven't been busting my back working all week long, but it has still been a long week.
My air conditioning stop working on Wednesday -- but the repair man came out today and fixed it, so we're back under 85° in the house once again!
I was in an auto accident on Wednesday (don't worry, I'm okay -- but the at fault party was uninsured), and I'm still waiting to hear how that is going to be settled and when my car is going to be fixed, but I probably won't have to do much driving over the weekend, so all is good on that front.
And the coolest thing of all, I'm surfing around my favorite blogs, and lo and behold -- Mike in Texas over at Education in Texas has dedicated today's post on his site to my book, Learn Me Good! He got it in the mail just the other day, read it, enjoyed it, and is now recommending it to his readers (much like I have been doing)! How cool is that?
If you haven't visited Education in Texas, you're really missing out. The link to his site has been in my Hall Pass section for quite a while now, and I try to read his posts everyday. They are entertaining and often full of good ideas for science lessons. In fact, one of his recent posts had a really cool site for teaching solar system lessons, and he had posted one of the pictures of a representative model. Check it out, and thanks, Mike, for the plug!


Mike in Texas said...

Duuude, you're welcome.

Without giving too much away, at one point in your book, during the story about Estebahn's mother's cleaning business, I laughed so hard I expelled lemonade out my nose. I haven't done that since grade school.

Mister Teacher said...

Now see, if I was having that conversation with Estaban, it would have gone something like this:

Me: What was it that came out of your nose?
Me: Are you sure?
Me: Are you s-?

Mike in Texas said...

Oh man, you made me laugh with that one too!