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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Now THAT'S what I call a permission slip!

I found this online today at a blog called Mr. Chalk. This is a blog from "over the pond," as the guy talks about pounds instead of dollars and a lot of the spelling is different, but pretty funny.
I'm thinking now that I really shouldn't just cut and paste the guy's blog entry, and that might be seen as a blatant act of plagiarism, even if I am citing my source. So instead, I'll just point you in the right direction.
Mr. Chalk has written a field trip permission slip that expresses everything that a teacher has ever wanted to include in such a form. Nothing is held back here. A few of the comments and references are cringe worthy (such as the comment about the music teacher), but overall this is pretty darn funny.


Jim said...


Andrew Pass Educational Services, LLC said...

Thanks for the link.

Andrew Pass

Moo Cows of Death said...

You plager...izer!


P.S. I might be getting ramped up to start blogging again.

Moo Cows of Death said...

Is it just me or is English english a whole 'nuther language? I think I will start slipping u's into more wourds, like they dou.

Bloody 'ell.


Anonymous said...

"is English english a whole 'nuther language?"

Haha, yes most definitely it is. We like to think of it as the original and best ;o)

Although as part of an Americanisation experiment, I may also start missing ot the letter u from varios words since none of yo ever se them ;o)

Mister Teacher said...

See, now we would have said Americanization. With a Z. But that's just us wacky colonists... ;)