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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Carnival of Education in Texas

Once again, it's that time for the weekly Carnival of Education -- and this time it's being held right here in Texas! Over at Mike's site, Education in Texas, where as he says, "It's so hot, a Speedo is now considered formal attire." Good news for Phineus, since he actually enjoys wearing his extra-medium banana hammock around town...

Head on over for the Carnival, and stay for the ambience. Education in Texas is a great blog to read on a daily basis, and some days, you might even catch a full moon!


Moo Cows of Death said... I am going to have to drink heavily to get the image of Phin in a thong outta my head!

(Of course, I still think about him laughing while in pain when I think of him and funny.)


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