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Monday, November 17, 2008

Tales of a 3rd grade forger

Our new 6 weeks grading period began today, and with it, we had a new lunch schedule. Whereas we had been going to lunch from 11 to 11:30, coming back to our rooms till 12:45 and then having our planning period from 12:45 to 1:30, the new schedule pushes lunch and planning together. So our lunch is now at 12:15.

Around 11:15, the office buzzed me and said there was a parent who wanted to talk to me. Being right in the middle of class, I asked if she would be willing to wait until lunch, which she was.

After I dropped the kids off at the cafeteria, I went up to the office to speak with the mother (with a translator, of course). She wanted to ask about her son's behavior folder because she had not seen it last week.

We use behavior folders with the kids to keep track of their, well, behavior. Every 3rd grader has one, and they're basically little calendars with pre-written codes on them. If Kid A talks in class on Nov. 12, that's code B7. If little C cusses at poor little G, that's code B3. If Z doesn't bring his homework, that's code W1. And so on and so forth.

On Thursdays, we send the folders home so the parents can see how their child has done during the week. They sign it, and the kid brings it back on Friday.

Regarding the mother this afternoon, I told her that I had checked her son's folder last Friday, and that it had been signed. She insisted that she had not signed it. So I went back to my room and got the folder. Indeed, looking at the signature from last Friday, it did look a bit suspicious, as it was messy, in crayon, and said "Mickey Mouse." Not really, but when I showed it to the mom, she affirmed the fact that even though it was her name, it was not her signature.

Before returning to show her the folder, I had stopped at the cafeteria to get her son so he could face the music. I feel it's safe to say he won't be committing this particular crime again any time soon. I also felt it was fitting to warn him against using the social security numbers of Pennsylvania residents while we had his attention.

I'm really impressed that this mother was on the ball. In the past, a lot of parents haven't paid that much attention to the comings and goings of the folders, but this one was keeping her eye on her wayward son.

Way to go, mom!!!


Anonymous said...

On the ball mom indeed! If only there were more of them! The mother of a fourth grader I know is about to be sentenced (probably to a jailterm, but at least to probation I would guess) for forging signatures on mortgage paperwork. Wonder what she's been teaching her kids?

The Bus Driver said...

way to go mom!!....

I got in trouble once.. for forging my dads signature... lesson well learned here lol.

Melissa B. said...

And HOW old are 3rd-graders? They learn the Evil Ways of their High School Brethren early these days! Listen, this post and so many others are EXACTLY why I've selected you to receive some Bloggy Bling. Please come by my place to collect your winnings!

Kim Hughey said...

This brings back so many memories for me. My 3 childdren are all very close in age and signing their weekly folders was quite a chore. I would get in a hurry and just sign my initials. It wasn't long until the youngest, who was in third grade at the time, learned to forge my initials. The teacher had to have a conference with me and explain the importance of signing my full name. Boy, was I embarrassed!

BTW, thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I am new to this blogging thing so I appreciate you taking the time to leave me some feedback on my post. I've been following your blog for over a year now and I really enjoy your stories.

Mrs. H

Laurie said...

I had a suspicious looking signature from a first grader one year. When I brought it up with the mom, she said yes her son had signed her name. She said they read the note together and then she let him write her name for her. She had been multi tasking and kept her 1st grader busy signing her name while she made dinner.

Mister Teacher said...

Anon, I think we can guess what she's been teaching them...

Driver, how long ago was that? over 20 years ago, or less than 20 days ago? ;)

Melissa, thanks for the Bling Blong!

Mrs. H, thanks for reading! And you make a good point, I should ask some of the kids who bring in initials to get their parents to sign the full name, just to be sure.

Laurie, that's...bizarre.