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Sunday, November 16, 2008

One nation, under fraud

Big story in the paper late last week. Scandal rocks the Dallas ISD!!! For those of you thinking, um, you're going to have to be a bit more specific, seeing as how scandal seems to rock the Dallas ISD as often as Angelina Jolie adopts a baby. . .

It would seem that the district has been following a policy of assigning social security numbers to immigrant teachers so as to fast-track them into the bilingual program. The problem is that these SSNs are either made up or already belong to somebody else.

So Joe the Plumber in rural Pennsylvania is probably wondering why his ID # is showing up on a report in Podunk, Texas. Meanwhile, I'm thinking I might need to take a look at my own social security number. I always was suspicious of the fact that it was so easy to remember, but now I'm guessing 555-55-5555 is probably fake as well...


Melissa B. said...

You know, as a DISD Grad, I wonder why this doesn't surprise me? And, don't worry, I'ma gonna e-mail you soon about Mr. Teacher's Store. I've just been busy with end-of-quarter janx, etc. Hey, please stop by my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. We've got another Sweet Snap for ya...and it's always fun to Share the Caption Love!

Anonymous said...

that's they get paid, who's been getting credit for the W-2 income?

Anonymous said...

Fool that I am, I wanted to read more about this so I google and got a story from the Dallas Morning News.

My favorite part of the story is
Doug Phillips, TEA's director of investigations and fingerprinting, ...said Thursday that he didn't know which laws forbid issuing fake Social Security numbers.