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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Playing for the wrong team

I had one of those Oh.My.Gosh. moments today.

As my class was taking their morning restroom break, one of my students from last year walked by and said hi. He told me that he had a football game tonight, so I asked him about how long he had been playing and what position he played. He then told me that they were playing a team called "The Dragons."

I said, "Ooooh, they sound dangerous. What's the name of YOUR team?"

He replied, "The Mancocks."

While a circuit within my brain suddenly burst into flame and began to smoke, my mouth filled in as best as it could. Trying to relate it to another unfortunately named South Carolina team, I asked, "Oh, is that a type of bird?"

A responded, "No, it's just some name that my coach made."

I admirably refrained from asking, "And is your coach, say, a raging pedophile??"

When I got home, I looked up the word, to see if it really was some kind of animal. After skimming past about 40 adult sites of questionable content, I found one that said a mancock is a type of birch bark container that some villagers use to store rice.

I'm sure that's what the coach had in mind...

In other news, this week's Mr. Teacher column over on is titled, "What Was That Middle One Again?" It's all about my learning curve as a brand new language arts teacher.

Check it out while you're eating your leftover rice!!


Anonymous said...

man cock 47 up, 9 down

The total awesomeness of a single male in a large group of people. To become a "man cock" you must do something totally freaking awesome, and have it recognized by the group of peers. Once given the "man cock" status one can only give it away, it can not be taken. The "man cock" can give full rights to the title of "man cock" or just a temporary pass to the "man cock" title. One is "man cock" until he gives it away to the future "man cock".

educat said...

Yeah, I'd never take a mancock to mascot camp.

The Bus Driver said...

now your kid from last year that would make him in 4th grade? and his little league football team is called the mancocks??!! Theres somethign seriously wrong or odd about that coach.

Mrs. T said...

What does the mascot look like? And who gets to dress up in the costume?
Their could be a girl's team called the Titmice. Would that be cute? Little birdies....

Melissa B. said...

That coach knows what it's like to put the other team "on ice," huh? BTW, please don't forget Sx3 today...we have a VERY timely snap for ya!