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Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's almost break time!

Only one more day till Thanksgiving break!! I don't know about the rest of you, but my plans are to sleep in, take care of a few errands, sleep in, eat lots and lots of turkey, sleep in, eat some more turkey, and sleep in. In that order.

This week's Mr. Teacher column is titled, "da Teacher Code," and it was inspired by my recent bout of entering grades at the end of a 6-weeks period. Check it out, and see if you've ever used any of these codes.

The Carnival of Education is being hosted by I Want to Teach Forever this week, and my article about a 3rd grade forger is featured under the section "Something to make you laugh and cry (besides "A Christmas Story")." Lots of other good articles are there, along with a clever little holiday theme.

We got an email from the head custodian earlier this week that all of the student desks needed to be cleaned out this Friday so that the custodians could move the desks and clean the floors over the break. So obviously we can't take the stuff out of the desks and put it in stacks on the floor, as that would seem to defeat the purpose. One option is to have each kid take all of his folders, textbooks, etc home over break with a gentle request that they bring them back the following week. Yeah, I'm sure that would work.

I guess it's locker time...


Kim Hughey said...

A Whole week for Thanksgiving?? I'm so jealous. I'm just thankful we get Wednesday this year. Last year it was Thursday and Friday only.

Mrs. H

Almost American said...

Wow - my kids get out at 12:20 on Wednesday for Thanksgiving, the floors only seem to get properly cleaned over the summer, and our custodians are not working at all over this break or the winter break in order to save the district some money!