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Monday, March 10, 2008

What are your Spring Break plans?

Don't you just hate losing an hour over the weekend? Well, the good thing for me is that this week is my Spring Break, so I was able to sleep in for that extra hour and make it up this morning.

And since it's Monday, it's time for another INTERACTIVE MONDAY!!!!

This is your second chance to get in on the March Monday Madness contest, for the chance to win a book or a T-shirt! Just leave a response to this post, and you're in!

This week's question is, What will you do over your Spring Break this year?

Normally, my Spring Break is a week later, and it's the week when the college basketball tournament starts. The first round of the tournament is always during the day on a Thursday and a Friday, so in the past few years, I've been able to watch it all. Unfortunately, the tournament starts NEXT week, and I'm off THIS week. So this year, my plans for Spring Break are mostly to relax, catch up on my sleep, and do some writing. I'll be hosting the Carnival of Education this Wednesday, and that involves some writing. I'd also like to get a few weeks ahead on my columns. Oh, and my nephew turns one year old on Thursday, so we'll be celebrating his birthday in style.

OK, whether you're Spring Break is this week or sometime in the future, leave a witty rejoinder and let me know what your plans are!


Joel said...

Well, I don't plan on wasting my spring break at all. Not gonna sit around and watch TV and eat bon bons all day again this year.

No, instead, I'm going to catch up on some much neglected housework (how high can I pile those dishes in the sink anyway?) pay some bills (I remember back when I used to have running water in the house!), and generally take care of business.

Maybe file my taxes.

But I am definitely going to visit my family, and see my sister, brother and his fiancee. That'll be fun. Maybe go see a Stars game...who knows.

Joel said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to post an article I wrote about this last year. How Not To Waste Spring Break (or Summer Vacation, or Christmas Break, or Saturday, or Tonight!)

HappyChyck said...

Unlike Joel, I DO plan on wasting time. Becoming bored out of my mind makes me appreciate having a job. I'm going to read trashy books, go to the movies, spend my husband's money at the mall. Or, I might do a colon cleanse. I haven't decided.

Enjoy the rest of your break!

Unknown said...

My spring break is next week...and I'll be flying back to the midwest to finalize the plans for my summer wedding. While there, I will probably also file taxes, read some books that are forever in the "To be read" pile, visit friends, plan lessons. So a mix of work and pleasure...

IMC Guy said...

I plan on escaping the cold and snow where I live and heading to sunny Florida for a while. Here's what's on tap:

A couple of days at Disney with the kids.
Finding a quality sports bar to watch the big dance.
Playing some golf.
Wasting time.

MeacherTeacher said...

Unfortunately, my spring break was last week. The plan was to relax and unwind, maybe get a little housecleaning done.
First I sat down to catch up on all the blog entries I've been meaning to read. Then it was Sunday and I was getting ready to go back. I never saw the week go by.
Now I have to wait until next year. Sniff.

kath said...

I'm recovering from a teacher workshop, go to some doctor's appointments ....

Today, city Jury Duty. Talk about luck.....

Anonymous said...

I am on Spring Break this week and next. I teach at an independent school, and the break is designed to coincide more closely with boarding schools. Anyway, this week, I am spending with my parents and my brother. I am helping with my Dad, who is convalescing from a total hip replacement operation. In addition, I'll relax, do some housecleaning, file my and my brothers's taxes, and, perhaps do some lesson planning.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing what you're doing -- hosting the Carnival of Ed during my Spring Break! (See you on April 9th!)