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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Duke's a 2 seed, Learn Me Good's a best of blogs nominee!

The college basketball tournament brackets came out tonight, and the Duke Blue Devils have a number two seed in the West bracket. Now that the brackets are live, you only have until Wednesday night to make your picks if you plan on participating in this year's March Mathness. Make your picks, and see if you can beat Mister Teacher!

Also, I learned that I have been nominated for a 2007 Best of Blogs Award! This is definitely a great honor, and I have the wonderful Mamacita to thank for nominating me!

1 comment:

IMC Guy said...

3 things:

1. Congrats on the nomination!

2. Too bad we didn't see the rubber match this weekend.

3. Not everyone can be a #1 seed this year - good luck seeing your Blue Devils in the Final Four. Maybe the rubber match will be for the title!