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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Busted Brackets and other Easter traditions

Well, if you know ANYTHING about college basketball, then you will understand what I mean when I say that my bracket is completely busted. My picks were perfect after the first day (even though my own alma mater, Duke, deserved to lose), and after the first two days, I was looking really good. Not to mention that I had Friday off from school, so I got to watch basketball all day long. You would have thought that I graduated from Western Kentucky, what with the way that I was screaming and running circles in my living room when that kid hit the buzzer beater in overtime.

Then we got to the round of 32, and things started to go sour. Duke once again played like they deserve to lose, and this time they did! Many expletives were flying on Saturday morning, but here on this family-friendly blog, I'll just say that Duke did not play optimally and their performance left much to be desired. Texas A&M, my secondary school if you will, played a much better game, and almost knocked off number one seed UCLA! Many of the other teams that I had chosen in the second round also did not make it through the weekend. But the biggest blow came today when I lost one of the pieces to my final four. In a classic Davidson versus Goliath matchup, Davidson took down the mighty Georgetown. Oh well, it's been an awesome weekend for a basketball junkie like me.

Now it's true that Easter has fallen incredibly early this year, and normally the tournament is well underway. So making the wrong picks is not truly an Easter tradition. But it got me thinking that that would make for a good question for this week's Interactive Monday!!!

This week's question is: What are your Easter traditions? If you do not celebrate Easter, and you still want to answer, then you can just tell me what you normally do around this time of the year. But for those of you who celebrate Easter, let's hear it!

As for me, I always meet up with the family for Easter dinner, which is usually pork roast. When my grandmother was still alive and fixing the family meal, she used to prepare a ham, cut into thin slices, and then serve the slices in a large dish full of water. We affectionately nicknamed this meal "drowned ham" (outside of my grandmother's earshot, of course).

Also, seeing as how Easter is the end of Lent, I get to resume any vices that I have forsaken over the past 40 days and nights. So today, immediately after Mass, I drove straight to my local 7-11 and got myself a sweet sweet 64 oz. Double Gulp of Mountain Dew. Aaaah, caffeine and sugar, my old friends, I've missed you so!!

OK, your turn! Remember, this is another chance to enter the March Monday Madness Contest for a chance to win a copy of Learn Me Good or a super fun T-shirt!


kath said...

We really don't do anything for Easter, but I do have to have some Peeps and Cadberry eggs.

However, last year, was the most fun at Easter I'd had in years, and wish we could do this more often -- we had an agility trial that fell on Easter, and the club did some fun stuff.

They hid eggs for us to find during the walk throughs, and they had good Easter themed presents. It seems that we never really grow up.

Anonymous said...

Our family always meets at someone's house after church, and we have a big Easter egg hunt for the kids. We have four boys (ages 3,4,5,and 6)and they provide a lot of entertainment. This year they played Red Light, Green Light after the hunt, and Sweet Pea, the dog, actually joined in and stopped and ran when they did. It was hysterical!

Edna Lee said...

Since my grandparents have passed away, my already small family has decreased not only in number but in tradition as well. We used to have a giant Italian dinner cooked by Grandma. Yuumm. Now, we have a quick buffet brunch :( yuck...

My boyfriend and I have begun our own tradition. Since we live right on the edge of the Cleveland National Forest, we've gone hiking every year for the past 8 years or so. (aawwwwww)

We got a late start this year though and the park was actually full when we got there! I had a hard time imagining all those people crammed in the Cleveland National Forest shoulder to shoulder, but I suppose the ranger meant the parking lot was full and that's why we were turned least I hope so.

100 Farmers said...

We ignored Easter this year with the passing of my grandparents but normally we would have the dueling deviled eggs followed by horseshoes outside in the garden. My cousin brought eggs every year even though my grandmother always asked me. I shouldn't gloat but hers never got eaten. Hee hee. In fairness, she always kicks my rear in horseshoes.

Mrs. T said...

We usually go to mass at Local Catholic College, followed by Easter dinner consisting of ham (not drowned), asparagus and deviled eggs.The kids get Easter baskets filled with Peeps, jelly beans and chocolate. We have an egg hunt either that Saturday prior or on Sunday afternoon. This year we had it indoors, since it SNOWED.

Meg said...

My easter tradition involves church and eating my body mass in Cadbury eggs. I convinced my mom to mail me a box of cadbury eggs, but they haven't arrived yet... I hope no one's eating them at Chinese customs!!!