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Monday, March 03, 2008

March Monday Madness

Hey everyone, it's March! And as we all know, we can't have March without a little Madness! So to celebrate, let's have ourselves a little contest! (And possibly use a few more exclamation points!!!)

This contest will run through the month of March, and it will tie in to the Interactive Mondays that occur during the month. It's quite simple to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment, answering whatever the question of the week is. Leave a witty rejoinder, and you get one entry. You can only get one entry per week, but you can get multiple entries by participating each week. If I've done my math correctly, there will be FIVE Interactive Mondays in March this year, so if you respond every week, you can have five entries in the March Monday Madness Contest!

I will select two winners once we are in April, and those winners can take their pick of two prize options. Option one is a copy of the heralded, acclaimed, prize-winning novel, Learn Me Good. Option two is a stylish, classy, fashionable T-shirt from the Mister Teacher's Store. There are many designs to choose from, but I'd like to highlight this one, as it goes with the theme of the contest.

So that's it! Simple, right? So let's get on to the question for this week's


If you could not be a teacher, what would your dream job be?

I think that my dream job would be color analyst for men's college basketball games. I'd like to be Dick Vitale, only WITH hair and WITHOUT the screeching. I just can't imagine a better job than one that pays you to travel around and watch the most fantastic sport on the planet. ESPN, look me up, baby!!!

Your turn now, what would you love to do? Leave a witty rejoinder, and then tell all of your friends (or blog readers, as the case may be) about the March Monday Madness Contest!


Jenny said...

I want to be a private detective. But not doing all the boring, tedious work that they must do. I want to be discovering clues, tracking bad guys, and barely escaping a variety of dangerous situations. All on a daily basis. And I must get the chance to be flip and witty when in danger.

Anonymous said...

Today I think I would like to be a reclusive writer.... Living in the woods, with a pot of coffee on the stove, fire in the fireplace, banging out the best sellers. I would purposefully do crazy things every once in a while, just to keep things interesting. Then I wouldn't answer questions from the media! Blahhahaha!!!

the frogster said...

I would have answered "Rock Star" for most of my life (I teach music). But now I've realized that since I enjoy lying on the couch and watching Star Trek at night, I'm not sure I'd be willing to give that up for tour buses and groupies. Really.

So I'm gonna say I'd like to be a cowboy.

Unknown said...

eccentric eco-hippie organic farmer, but, like Jenny said, that would be my own romanticized version where there would be less gross stuff, bugs and heavy lifting.

Edna Lee said...

I'm going with rodeo clown on this one. I like experimenting with hair and make-up, enjoy taking fashion risks, and have always wanted to work with animals. Rodeo clown would be an employment trifecta for me.

MeacherTeacher said...

I would have to say chocolatier. What could be better than working with chocolate all day, everyday? I could switch up what types I work with to never get tired of it (as if anyone could get tired of chocolate!).

DD said...
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Jack said...

I used to say I’d like to be a _Jeopardy!_ answer/question writer, but I've evolved:

A producer for _Amazing Race_, traveling the world to find the odd-to-America indigenous activities that make for education and conflict, like eating large amounts of not-dead-yet aquatic critters/delicacies or bungee jumping from bridges built by lowest (foreign) bidders. You go first. No, you go first....

Holly Jahangiri said...

I would like to be an intrepid photographer for National Geographic.

Or maybe a volcanologist.

Or a best-selling writer. Yes, that would be good!

IMC Guy said...

I'd want to be a professional golfer. Being "forced" to play golf, in nice weather, at unbelievable courses, in clothes that you're getting paid to wear, using the newest clubs you're getting paid to play with, would be just fine with me!

kath said...

If I couldn't teach high school computer science -- and when you think about it hard, you'll realize that it IS a dream job --

I'd like to be a game programmer. Not shoot them up games, but something like Rock Bank or Scene It, or even write games for

--- and I'm just back from a conference on game programming in education which was on a cruise ship. It was as decadent as it sounds, and exactly right for such a conference as there are really no distractions.

The Momindant said...

I'd like to be an education columnist for a major publication house. That way, I'd be a respected and oft-quoted expert, and I could dip my toes in the school waters at will, without ever having to get my hair wet!

Unknown said...

I would love to be a psychologist. Spend all day sitting on a comfy couch, listening to people and helping them analyze themselves. I love to study people, so if I wasn't a psychologist, I would just be a professional people watcher.