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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh, the Corners You'll See!

One of the little girls in my class, we'll call her A, seems to have a particular fondness for corners. She must like spending time in the corner in my room, because she's constantly doing things that make her wind up there. When I go to pick her up in the cafeteria after lunch, she's got her nose in THAT corner. When I pick her up from PE, she's closely examining the corner of the gym.

Today when I saw her in the gym corner, I told the teacher there that I might need to help A write a brand new book that would express her obvious loves and interests. I suggested a Fodor's-style travel guide, something like, 200 Classroom Corners in 185 Days.

I'm thinking, who knows these corners better than someone who has spent so much time standing in them? I'm sure that A would have some very useful insight about which corners smell the best, which corners are most likely to provide habitat for spiders, and which corners are most aesthetically pleasing.

A told me about a month ago that her birthday was on April 1. Need I say any more?

In other news, the most current edition of the Carnival of Education is running over at Bellringers, so go check it out! And bring your sunscreen!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had a student that used to stick his finger in holes that were in the hall. He would just stand there until he was asked to move. Another one collected used staples and gathered them with a magnet. He made small sculptures out of them. Amazing stuff.