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Monday, March 31, 2008

Should I really be on this list??

Most of the contact that I have with parents of my students is either in person or over the phone. However, I have one student whose mother asked me to e-mail her when her son was having issues. So throughout the year, I have sent and received three or four e-mails, mostly when he was not doing his homework.

Today, I got an e-mail from this mother with the subject line "FWD: talking photo booth." This e-mail had been sent to about 12 other people besides myself, and the only thing it contained was a movie file.

To be honest, the video clip itself WAS very funny. But what I don't get is what on earth would possess this lady to think that I want to be part of an e-mail forwarding group?? Now I have to worry about her sending me jokes of the day, top 10 lists, and messages directly from Bill Gates??

Has this ever happened to any of you?


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. In fact, when I learned that one mother was a writer, I asked her to email me some of her latest works. I was embarrassed when I found out what type of writer she was and scrambled to get off of her email list.

Dr Pezz said...

Our district is (bored and) cracking down on forwards, so I just forwarded (my favorite bit of irony) a quick copy of out no forwarding policy to the parents or students and it stops.

The forwards really aren't so bad, but the increase in Spam because of these mail lists is a pain.

loonyhiker said...

I have gotten on these lists from parents and I just have them automatically put in a "parent" email folder. Then I can delete them as a group with no fuss after glancing over the subject line. I usually don't say anything because I feel this makes the parents feel like they have an open communication line with me and this comes in handy if a problem with the student ever arises. Sure, it may take a few minutes every day but it is time well spent for me.

Joel said...

I had a girl in 6th grade band last year for a few months. She dropped out sometime in the fall. She still sends me forwards. That's kind of weird.

I have some parents who text me and let me know their child is going to be late to rehearsal or miss class or whatever. One has begun texting me jokes lately.

And then I have a couple of students who got my cell number one time when I wasn't looking. One of them invited me to her birthday party last weekend via text message...

kristyKHS said...

One of our administrators sends out an email full of jokes, quotes, funny stories, comics (and this website, once) every week. But everything from online radio to Wikipedia is blocked from our district server...