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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Heimlich Maneuver

IMC guy will probably agree with me when I say that Duke's Gerald Henderson should be nicknamed "Heimlich." Because he certainly saved the Blue Devils from choking tonight. Number 2 seed Duke beat number 15 seed Belmont by a point, thanks to a last-minute layup from Heimlich Henderson.

Of course, it's not like I actually got to WATCH the game. I was stuck at the school for parent conference night! And I do mean stuck, since my last conference ended around five after seven, but I couldn't leave until 10 till eight. All I could do was pace back and forth in front of my computer as the ESPN scoreboard automatically reset itself every 60 seconds. I'm pretty sure that's how Jean Paul Sartre defined hell.

At least we have tomorrow off, thanks to the inclement weather day and the fact that DISD never closes due to weather. So I will be set firmly in front of my television set disagreeing with every word that comes out of Billy Packer.

In other news, we began the first round of our classroom March Mathness tournament today. It will be interesting to see how the kids do as they move forward in the brackets. We found out that our kids did very well on the TAKS reading test from a couple of weeks ago! Many of the kids that we were really concerned about crested that hill and passed the test, and nine of our kids got a commended score!!

Enjoy the round ball! And while you're at it, swing on over to So You Think You Can Teach and check out the Carnival of Education! Joel's on spring break, so feel free to TP his blog.


Unknown said...

I can't believe they only won by 1! Thank God for Henderson! I was having visions of VCU again. Here's hoping that they get it together for the next round.

Edna Lee said...

I took your advice and checked out Joel's blog and found myself all caught up in the scuffle over parent/teacher relationships. I don't get fired up over much, but this one got me going. I even took a break from the funny over on my blog and posted my own thoughts about the subject.

I do love a spirited debate!

IMC Guy said...

You should be glad you didn't watch the game. Honestly, it's not so much Henderson as it was the complete meltdown of Belmont in the final minute or so. On their last 3 possessions, they did not get off one decent shot - and it really wasn't the Duke defense, it was the horrible offense. Arghh! Needless to say, Duke squeaked it out. At least you still have a little hope to see them in San Antonio. Now, about the Tar Heels.....

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and your students on their reading TAKS scores. I am not too much into the March Madness thing, but I do enjoy watching my grandsons play basketball. Also, I won't complain too much over my favorite soap being replaced by basketball.:)

IMC Guy said...

Well, it's about 7:00 pm Eastern time and all I can say is....

"Go Mountaineers!!"

I know you'll most likely be able to give me a similar line when Carolina loses.

There's always next year.

Ms. Longhorn said...


I can't wait til I get those "Bad Weather Days" off! DISD never closes... neither does my district :-P

Congrats on the great TAKS scores! :)

Joel said...

Hey Teacher! I like how you messed up on the name of my blog there. I guess it's kind of like how you messed up with Georgetown there. Oh well. We won't talk about me and my predictions of USC winning it all!