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Friday, March 09, 2007

Running without Scissors

Today was Field Day for the third grade -- or as we like to call it, Field Hour and a Half. Overall, it went pretty well. I think that it helped not having two of our newest little terrors present. They were suspended on Tuesday for fighting and biting each other.

All week long the kids have been asking me if I would race against them on Field Day. So I obliged today and made my yearly sprint. And I am proud to say that I'm still reigning champion. Of course, I learned my lessons from last year. Do NOT go in the Bouncy House before running a race. Do not give the kids a 20 foot head start. That might have worked when I was 32, but now that I'm 34, I need that edge. And most importantly, run ONE race. Last year, I ran several races and was dead tired by the end. So today, I waited till the very end and then said I would race against anyone from my two classes who so desired. I think I wound up running against about 25 kids.

Mrs. Educator (who by the way, did NOT race against the kids) brought her class over so they could run against me too and suggested that we run the 75 yards down to the end of the field and then back. I stopped her right there.

“Whoa, whoa whoa! We are running DOWN to the end, but we're NOT running back!”

And even though I actually waited until Mr. Van Gogh said “GO!” And even though I beat one of the kids by less than 2 yards -- the fact remains, my legacy is safe for at least one more year.

The Flash lives.

Upon reentering the classroom after Field Day, one of my kids asked me, "When we come back from Spring Break, will we be in the 4th grade?”

Sure, and I will have ascended to Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

No, I was nice. And I think he was asking because he had just learned that he had passed the TAKS Reading test. We got our results back on Wednesday, and almost 84% of our third-graders passed! This is really spectacular for our school and our area in general. So we're very proud of the kids. But they do still have to take the Math TAKS before they can go to the next grade.

Although there's certainly some that I would love to promote (or demote) over Spring Break.


kherbert said...

Sounds like you had fun. Our field day is after TAKS but before we hit 95 (We hope).

We do stations and it last about 1/2 the day. Then after the kids come back in the Music teacher usually shows her required musical through the in school system.

Won't work this year though - construction still hasn't fixed what ever it is they broke.

This will be my first year to not have a homeroom class for field day.

IMC Guy said...

I know what you mean about Field Day and racing the kids. As a former 3rd grade teacher myself, I can also claim the "Undefeated" title against all of my third graders over the years. I even beat the sixth grade challengers one year. They had a blast and I almost felt like a kid again!