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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Please help!

In just a few weeks, Borders Bookstores will be having their annual Educators Appreciation Week. This is a time when teachers, aides, faculty, etc get an automatic discount off of anything they buy.

This is also a great time for them to showcase new and existing books with an educational bent. You would be doing me a HUGE favor if you would call your local Borders (s) and ask them to stock and display Learn Me Good (Borders ID: 8560467). I have been using my Spring Break to call as many as I can, but I am just one person after all (even if I DO have the strength of ten men).

Thank you in advance for anyone who chooses to help!


MsM said...

I have to tell you, the Barnes & Noble educator "Discount" is disappointing. It's 20% off, but can't be used on text books. I can get 20% off a leather bound journal, or a book about filing my taxes. I can not get 20% off a textbook for the grad course that I"m required to take to maintain a current certification, nor can I use it for an educational video to show my class. It's actually worth it to pay the annual membership fee to get the 25% off-which can be used on ANYTHING (even cheesecake in the coffee shop area). In conclusion, I appreciate the discount, but I'd appreciate it even more if it was applicapable to actualy items I'd use in the classroom.

Mister Teacher said...

But Shannon, the good news is that you CAN get 20% off of Learn Me Good! :)

MsM said...

If I use my discount, do you get paid less?

Mister Teacher said...

Shannon, no. Borders buy directly from the distributor, so no matter what price they sell it for, I will get my same royalty.
Thanks for being concerned, though!