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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If teachers were like...airline pilots

I realize this is kind of random, but for some reason I found myself thinking about airline pilots the other day. And thus was born a brand new What If –

1) We would basically be stuck all day long in a big room with screaming children and rude adults (not so different) -- but we would have the luxury of closing a door between us and them.

2) If we didn't like the way a parent conference was going, we could feel secure in knowing that parachutes were available to bail out at any time.

3) We could deal with bad altitudes, rather than bad attitudes.

4) We would pass out peanuts and work on an airplane, as opposed to taking away airplanes and working for peanuts.

As always, further suggestions are welcome.


educat said...

The in-flight magazine would be from 1990 and there'd only be about ten copies per plane. They'd be impossible to replace until it was adoption year for the inflight magazine.

Pity, all those Sky Miles and no fancy massage seat to show for it.

rookie teacher said...

Very witty indeed.

Turbulent weather as opposed to turbulent ____________________.

(can be filled out as one pleases)

Meg said...

Occasionally there'd be talk about accountability, when someone from the DoE who'd never seen an airplane would sit in the cockpit with you and ask inane questions.

graycie said...

All classes would start and end at least 20 minutes late.

Kids' bookbags would wind up in faraway random classrooms. (Oh, wait -- according to some of my students, sometimes that happens anyway.)

Mister Teacher said...

Good ones all! I especially like the "lost luggage" reference, Graycie. :)

HappyChyck said...

Very nice! LOL

Anonymous said...

Air Marshalls would take care of our problem 'passengers'.