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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Carnivals, brackets, and breaks, oh my!

Hey everyone, the 100th Carnival of Education is up and running over at The Education Wonks. Check it out, and do your part to stimulate the economy.

Also, today is the last day to get your March Mathness picks in before the tournament starts tomorrow. I just made my picks, and I am downright ashamed of whom I have picked to go all the way. But IMC Guy would be very happy. Actually, right now my biggest hope is that Duke doesn't lose in the first round to VCU.

And since I'm on Spring Break and basketball starts tomorrow, there will most likely be no more posts until next week. Enjoy the break!!


Amerloc said...

I'm just glad that school districts exist that schedule spring break where it belongs. For too many years, we had to get "sick" this week, and then sit around the week of Easter with nothing to do...

And isn't there a game today....?

Mister Teacher said...

YES!! when I worked as an engineer, everybody knew I was worthless on Thursday, and I would take Friday off during tournament week. Now I don't have to!
And the play-in game was Tuesday night.

IMC Guy said...

Good to see you're getting smart with your picks. I just filled out my bracket as well.

Unfortunately, we do have school tomorrow and Friday, but it is kind of nice that I have cable in my office and I can "work" in there as much as possible tomorrow and Friday afternoon.

You gotta love March Madness!

IMC Guy said...

I'm sorry to say that I couldn't be happier with the VCU win. I know you're not happy, but if you can't be, I'll be happy for you.

Go Heels!

Ed U. Cater said...

How can you focus on Basketball so much with the state of the dentistry industry in such disarray?

Anonymous said...

Duke should have hit their freethrows, and they would have won. Of course, they would have had more FT opportunities if the refs had called more of those ridiculous fouls on them...


Mister Teacher said...

Ugh, no kidding, Billy. VCU appeared to be playing FOOTBALL out there! But to miss 12 free throws and lose by 2 points is a killer.