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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oops! My bad!

A story in the paper the other day reported that almost 100 teachers in the Houston ISD were mistakenly paid bonuses which amounted in values ranging from $62.50 to $2,790.

The only thing I’ve ever been mistakenly given was the finger, but then maybe I should go to work in Houston. But these Houston teachers have now been given a very valuable experience. They’ve been given a bonus that they haven’t earned. So now they know what it feels like to be a US Congressman or a professional athlete!

The district is already demanding the money back from the affected teachers, telling them that they can have their amount deducted from one paycheck or spread out over 10. It makes me wonder just how quickly someone like Enron’s ex-president or Tyco’s ex-chairman would have been expected to pay it back…

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