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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Somebody has some time on their hands

The Sunshine Committee at my school started a program about 3 months ago called the "Rays of Sunshine Wall." Anyone can write a nice little note to someone else, thanking them or complimenting them on something, and that note will go up on the wall for all to see. Also, both the sender and the recipient get entered into a monthly drawing for a gift certificate.

Apparently, someone has been buying their rays of sunshine at Sam's, because they've been putting them up in bulk.

This month, out of 26 rays of sunshine up on the board (and they're all cute little gingerbread men-shaped notes), EIGHTEEN of them are from one person!!

This person must have had a lot of time on her hands after she stopped terrorizing our first grade teachers...


askthehomediva said...

OK, I can't resist this one… It begs the questions, what happened to the 10% rule? Does it apply to the ray of sunshine wall? Or only academic oriented endeavors? Just wondering.

Mister Teacher said...

Well, this is a really large wall. It's basically a section of the hallway. So even those 26 rays of sunshine don't take up much of the space...

Joel said...

Speaking of having too much time on your hands... I've tagged you. I don't normally do these kinds of things, but it seems appropriate today.

Mike in Texas said...

We have a celebrations committee.

So far they have ignored my repeated calls for a toga party