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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A very special rose ceremony

An article in Wednesday's paper reported that a teacher from the Houston area is under fire from parents of her 4th graders. The reason? Her appearance (and subsequent actions) on the currently running incarnation of ABC's The Bachelor.

23-year-old Amber Alchalabi (not to be confused with Prince Ali Ababwa) is 1 of 6 remaining gold diggers contestants on the show -- at least, that's what the article says. I sure as heck don't watch the show.

One parent wrote a letter to the Sugar Land school district saying The Bachelor "does not promote family values, moral values or appreciation of the normal ‘dating’ process."

True dat. Normally, after a bad date or a humiliating breakup, one does not have to check local listings to see when said incident will be aired for the nation's viewing pleasure.

Still, it IS fun to contemplate the actions of a teacher on a show like The Bachelor. I don't know if any of the following has actually happened, but then I also don't know that it hasn't…

· When Ms. Alchalabi told Lt. Baldwin, "I would give you an A," he replied smugly, "I would give you a Double D.”

· Ms. A narrowly avoided an early dismissal after commanding the show's host, Tooly McSpare, to spit out his gum.

· After a romantic candlelight dinner and dancing under the moonlight, Amber assigned Andy homework, instructing him to write a 2-page essay on James Buchanan, "the Bachelor President."

All in all, things could be much worse for Ms. Alchalabi’s kids and their parents. I mean, it's not like she went on Elimidate or Flavor of Love. And after seeing so many fellow competitors sent home, she should have some wicked ideas for lesson plans about fractions.


IMC Guy said...

I guess teachers have to keep their lives out of the public's eye.

BTW, my wife watches the show and thinks Amber is a front winner to "win."

Jules said...

you are too funny! i always giggle when i read your blog. this one is funny cause it could be so true(i often find myself trying not to be a teacher among adults; i want to blow my whistle when it gets noisy.) do you think this amber will give him a detention if he doesn't pick her?

TurbineGuy said...

My fiance watches the show. I can't stand it. It literally pisses me off just seeing it.

The whole concept is demeaning. It amazes me that what appear to be intelligent women would stoop to prostituting themselves for television exposure.

If the guy is such a good catch, then why the hell is he on the show.

Besides won't the winner of the show, just give him hell because he kissed and dated all those other girls.

Rant over.