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Monday, September 13, 2010

Who grades the test?

I was speaking to my kids today about the TAKS and the importance of filling in the answer bubbles neatly. That, and the reason that they should never ever write anything in or near the bubbles other than filling in the one that they are choosing.

So I asked my class who they thought actually would be grading their TAKS tests. Several hands went up.

"The teacher?" one asked.
"Nope," I replied.
"You?" the next one guessed.
"Uh, I AM the teacher, so still no," I countered.
"The principal?"
"The President?"

One of my kids actually thought that President Barrack Obama might take time out of his busy schedule to pick up a red pen and grade his TAKS test. Forget the mess of the economy, the whole international politics scene -- give him a key to the 3rd grade math test, and put him to work!

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