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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Down with the sickness

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Last year, as I recall, I made it about 2 days into the school year before getting sick. Whether it was a cold, allergies, "the crud," whatever, I'm not sure. I'm never sure, as they all seem to have the same symptoms, and they all make me feel the same way.

This year, I managed to make it into the 5th week before succumbing to the evil illness. Maybe it's marital bliss that staved it off for so long, or maybe I really have built up a better immunity. But it was finally my time to fall victim. Several kids had been absent, or even worse, PRESENT with sniffles and wet hacking coughs.

I started to notice that scratchy tickling in the back of my throat on Monday, and Tuesday was worse. It probably didn't help that I stayed up way to late on Monday night, watching the exciting end to the Saints-49ers football game, and then I had to get up for early morning duty the next day. On Wednesday, after school, I felt like I had hit a wall. My head was on fire, my whole body felt foggy, and my throat was on fire. When I got home, though, I had no fever, I just felt miserable. I have never taken a nap between school and actual bedtime, but I did that day.

Yesterday (Friday), I just drifted through the day, trying to make it to 3:00. I went home and took a nap again, and then slept till 10:30 this morning.

I'm hoping a good 2-day blast of sleep and non-activity will kick this thing on its rear.

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