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Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Well, my wife and I apparently just dodged a tornado. Or 2. Hard to tell, because we didn't have access to a television from our tiny downstairs workout room where we were taking cover. But the people that came in to join us said that they had just seen report of a tornado touching down at Love Field airport, which is only about a mile from us.

All I had to worry about today at school was a few lights flickering. The week has been going pretty well (short week, we had Monday off) though. We've been doing various number forms. Expanded, word, standard. The kids are picking them up pretty well, which is no small feat with the words, since they've never had to read a number bigger than 3 digits before.

I still have a few kids that are total dead zones when it comes to listening, and that's just a bit irritating, but one of my kids who had been a total slug for the first 2 weeks, has had an INCREDIBLE 2 days this week. I talked with him Friday about changing his attitude and his mindset, and he has really gotten it done.

Super-ironically, he came into my room this morning before class started and said, "There's a slug in the hall!" Sure enough, there was literally a slug crawling on the floor near where he had been sitting. I guess the mantle had been passed.

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