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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shortest. Week. Ever

Do you remember the discussion of a 4-day school week? How it would save electricity, power, the universe, etc? And my counter-proposal was that if cutting ONE day off of the usual week would do that much good, why not shave FOUR days off?

Well, this week is going to be pretty darn close to that proposal.

Yesterday (Monday) was a student holiday/staff development day. No kids, no lessons, no teaching.

Today was a regular day.

Tomorrow is a regular day.

Thursday, I have to attend an off-site meeting for some math program I had never heard of before. Thus, I will not have kids, or lessons, or do any teaching.

Friday is Fair Day, so there is no school.

This boils down to a 2-day school week for me. Thank goodness it's the end of the grading period, and we're just reviewing. I'd hate to try to introduce anything new and expect it to stick.


Anonymous said...

what is the name of the Math training? Just curious

Nick James said...

I feel like we have an enormous amount of days off in NYC. Given those and a thousand mandated, administrative distractions, it's hard to find a week that isn't eaten away by something.

So much for a routine!

Mister Teacher said...

Carnegie Math...

Nick, I agree. While the extra time off seems nice (and IS nice at the time), it does get hard to get stuff done or to get the kids used to doing things in a certain way.

Sarah Garb said...

Yeah--those shortened weeks usually have nearly the same amount of work to do--just condensed into less time!
I'm still giddy about the FULL WEEK we had off here in DC last winter due to blizzards (plural). It. Was. Wonderful.

Mister Teacher said...

Well, change that to Shortest. Notice. Ever.

After working on my sub plans and getting things ready (including about half an hour after a meeting that lasted till 4:30), I had an urge to check my email before I went home. Sure enough, there was an email, sent at 3:50, saying the math training had been canceled.

This week just got 50% longer!!!

Mary Mueller said...

In two weeks I have something like that, we have that Monday off, then I have three days at a district meeting, I come back Friday to have specials all morning, so technically I will have like a half a day work week coming up soon! Although writing sub plans for three days will suck.

Anonymous said...

This was the 3rd Wednesday in a row I wasn't at school. A training, a grade level meeting and an in-service day. Plus, Monday and Tuesday I had a different training. So 2 day week for me too.

And today 7 people were off and only 2 or 3 subs were called. Lovely!