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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TAKS Math is down

Today really seemed like the longest TAKS day ever. Maybe it was because I feel sick. Maybe it was because the kids I was watching were all done by 11:15. Maybe it was because I knew I'd be finding out if my book made the next cut in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

At any rate, the first day is down. According to the teachers watching MY kids, they really tried their best. We'll see in a few weeks.

Oh, and Learn Me Good unfortunately did NOT make the top 50. Hey, we started with 5,000, and I made it down to the top 250. So that's an honor in itself. I get a Publisher's Weekly full manuscript review out of it too, so that should be appearing in the next week or so.

Plus, I have another long day tomorrow to look forward to!

1 comment:

kherbert said...

My kids started finishing about 10 am. (Not worried about that one always finishes fast gets straight A's)

Last one finished about 1 pm. I was even able to take them out to the track to get some fresh air and sunshine.

I told them playing outside was their homework tonight - so they will be tired enough to get some decent sleep.