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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick hits

Just a list of disjointed quick hits today:

TAKS reading today -- long and boring for teachers and students alike. Some of my kids found it to be too much and started acting like idiots, getting out of their seats, talking, passing things to each other when they thought the teacher wasn't looking...

That song by Kris Allen called Live Like We're Dying annoys my mathematical sensibilities. The key line in the song is "We only got eighteen, four hundred seconds in the day..." Forgetting the poor grammar, the fact that he leaves the word THOUSAND out ticks me off to no end. That's only the most important word in the number!!

My school was highlighted on the news last night. Not really a good thing.

Read most of a funny book my friend Stacy got me for my birthday. Posted about it over on the wedding blog.

I can never tell the difference between allergies and a cold. I have one or the other right now, and either way, it doesn't make me happy.

I truly enjoy my friends at school and their wittyness.


Yoli said...

I totally agree! The TAKS Reading day was long and boring.

Teacher's Lounge Talk

kherbert said...

I wish our TAKS Reading Day had been long and boring.

7:45 the bathrooms nearest us we were to use for testing are closed due to sewer issues.

8:00 Announcements are over I realize small group kid wasn't there. Ask "brother" says oh he missed the bus on purpose.

8:10 Small group tester comes looking for small group kid. I have unlocked my phone and get his number off the phone.

8:30 Waiting to use other bathroom. Small group kid is now at school and tackles me in bear hug.

8:45 start test

10:15 - Fire Alarm goes off. I collect all the tests and get the kids out.

10:00 10:45 we are sitting on the black top while the firefighters find the problem. It was a real alarm.

10:45 The school is declared safe and we go in

11:00 we get permission from the state to start test again

11:25 Lunch

12:00 back in room start lunch

1:00 my kids finish (Not worried)
I'm having mild asthma attack due to ligustrums blooming and sitting outside during field trip.

2:15 Aide comes to see if small group kid can come back I say no because he will be a total maniac. Awful noise fills pod. Aide and I go to hall - maintenance is fixing the sewer with industrial strength snake. We close the pod doors (Propped open because they slam every time someone walks through. )

Team leader is upset because other 3 rooms still testing. Quickly get message from Principal move still testing kids to library for dismissal.

After school very large number still testing. I left at 4:00 they were still testing.

I hope science taks is less interesting.

Christy said...

ugh. it's never a good day when the news starts with the name of your school. my district vs angry parents was the top story here tonight....

Mister Teacher said...

Dang! But I'm amazed you only lost 45 minutes due to the fire alarm (at least from time out to time back in).

Chris Osborne said...

Aren't testing days great? At least you weren't locked out of your room like I was once.

Alice Van-Weed said...

it's pretty cool to see teachers blog..hear teacher views here..i like it..ill be practicing teaching soon enough and i learn a lot from here

Mister Teacher said...

Thanks, Alice. Nice to have you onboard.

Unknown said...

A wedding blog? A wedding blog! You are a blogging superstar. I am watching over Saturday Jail, ahem, school, so I went through and looked at your engagement pics. VERY cute. Congrats!

Mister Teacher said...

Thank you kindly, m'lady! What on earth are you having Saturday school for NOW, at the end of the year???