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Monday, April 19, 2010

hot and cold

Today, I walked into my classroom and immediately noticed that it was hot and stuffy. So, since the maintenance men came in and fixed the A/C unit last Friday, I went to turn it on to provide a blast of cool air for the room.

Instead, I nearly suffocated as a furnace of hot air erupted out of the vents. Having actually moved the temperature in my room UP a few degrees, I stopped our head custodian as soon as I saw him walk by my room.

I told him what had happened, and he said yeah, they turned the heat on downtown instead of the a/c. "Downtown" controls what comes out of my vents, and since it was 52 degrees outside, they decided that the heat should be on. Nevermind the fact that my room is not OUTside...


kherbert said...

Same thing happened to me here in Houston. Thankfully our secretary can call and get it changed ASAP.

Chris Osborne said...

Now that sucks. I've always wondered why teachers couldn't be trusted to run the air in their room, or at least the individual schools.

Unknown said...

At one point last year the a/c was on so high here the students were bringing blankets from home to wrap up in during class.

Rachel said...

Do they let you have windows that open? Stupidly enough, you probably don't -- we didn't have them where I was a teacher's aide -- but if you do that would solve this problem.

Mister Teacher said...

Chris, in many rooms there ARE individual thermostats. I just happen to be in the oldest wing of the school with an outdated HVAC system that stinks. The other wings and the portables are ok.

G, I CAN open the windows in my room, but often that just introduces wind that blows papers around and makes even more of a distraction.