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Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break has Broke!

AH YES!!! Spring Break is upon us! And once again, the stars are aligned and the universe is at peace, since they moved our break back to the week when the NCAA men's basketball tournament begins.

Last year was miserable, as not only did we have school on the Thursday that the games began, but it was also parent conference night, so I didn't get to see ANY basketball that day!!

Speaking of, if you're a fan, or even if you just want something to do with the chance to win a prize, head over to my bracket challenge and make your picks. Bragging rights is the biggest prize, but the top person in my pool will win a nice DVD set called "The Founding of America," courtesy of A&E Entertainment and The History Channel.

Late last week, Ed U Cater stopped by my room and put my simple plan into effect. He stood in the doorway and said in a conspiratorial voice, "Did you get that note about the district saying that 1 yard equals 3 feet?"

I replied, "The kids aren't supposed to hear that!!" (since of course there was dead silence by that time).

A few minutes later, as I was getting ready to dismiss class, I said to the kids, "You didn't really hear what he said, did you?"

Several kids yelled, "Yes we did!! He said 1 yard equals 3 feet!!"

So a good trial run for the simple plan. We'll see how well that information is retained when we get back from break. Thankfully, Spring Break isn't quite as bad a memory wipe as Summer Vacation (I liken the kids' brains to a beach ball with a slow leak).


Joel said...

That's great. Unfortunately, my kids don't lose information as much as they just don't practice their music, so we have to spend a few days getting them back in shape when we get back. With benchmarks and UIL Contest coming up so soon, I've got a lot of work ahead of me! :)

Farnnay said...

I think this is a great tactic. and obviously works. ive seen it happen with my students.

Great blog you've got here :D