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Monday, March 23, 2009

10 more weeks??

Daggonit, Spring Break is over!! I certainly can't complain about the break. It was nice and relaxing, the weather was great, I got to catch up on sleep, on TV, and I got to watch ALL the basketball I wanted to.

However, that first day back is always torture. Then looking on the calendar and seeing that we don't have another day off between here and 2015. . .

The great news however is that my kids did really, really well on the TAKS reading test! The scores came in over the break, and only 4 kids out of my two classes did not pass! One even earned herself a million dollar bill by achieving a perfect score! In addition, 11 or 12 others received a Commended score!! So they did great!

In a sad piece of news, one of the members of our faculty went to the hospital with a brain aneurism last week, and she is now by all reports brain dead. I know that most people reading this don't know her, but I would still ask you to keep her and her family in your prayers. Thanks.


ms-teacher said...

Sorry your break is over and also very sad to hear about your colleague.

Melissa B. said...

Hey...we haven't yet had our Spring Break yet. Comes the week before Easter. But, of course, we stay in school a lot longer than y'all, too. I got my book, Mr. Teacher! Thanks so much...I will commence reading soon!!

Anonymous said...

Here in Tennessee we are now on our second week of spring break...we also get 2 weeks off for fall break and christmas break...but of course, that makes for a shorter summer. (we start school at the end of July)

Almost American said...

Sounds like your kids did a good job on the TAKS!

Sorry to hear about your colleague! Such a scary thing. I never worry about dying, but I do NOT want to end up brain-dead! I suppose I wouldn't know it, but the thought of what it would put my family through is unbearable . . .