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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Break out the party hats!

Today is the last day of January, and thus the last day of what I consider an extremely successful month of Guest Posting here at Learn Me Good!

In addition, yesterday, Jan 30, marked the 3-year blogiversary of Learn Me Good! But back to the Guest Posting Initiative...

I want to thank everyone who volunteered to take a stab at it here on these pages -- from the comments alone, I know that readers have really enjoyed getting a fresh and different perspective.

Let's have everyone who participated stand up one more time and be recognized.

Red Priest, of Intellteacher's Blog

100 Farmers, of 100 Farmers

Mrs. T, of La Chucheria

Mike in Texas, of the now, sadly defunct Education in Texas (and people are STILL asking what happened to ya, Big Mike!

Ms Teacher, of Ms Teacher

The Scholastic Scribe, of The Scholastic Scribe

and finally, Stephanie, of Not Just Surviving

Thanks again to all of you for writing AND for reading.

The final Guest Post of the Month comes again from yours truly, and it can be found over at This week's Mr. Teacher's column is titled, "The Ice Day Cometh," and it is all about the pros and cons of taking an inclement weather day. It's very ironic that I wrote that, saying that DISD never closes due to the weather, and that very week, we get an ice day.

As I mentioned before, Learn Me Good the blog is now 3 years old! Stay tuned, dear readers, as I think I am VERY close to a major development which will hopefully provide some fun opportunities in February!


The Bus Driver said...

Left you some blog love... check it out.

ms-teacher said...

This was a wonderful treat that you offered us education bloggers. Thank you for doing such a fabulous job of hosting this!

Jason Oller said...

Thanks and I think I have a new coinage- VoLMEG(Videos of Learn Me Good). It is explained more on my blog.

IMC Guy said...

Congrats on the 3 years!

I broke out the party hats last Wednesday! Now, hopefully I'll be keeping the hats out this Wednesday!

Jules said...

congratulations on three years of thought-provoking hilarity! looking forward to more in the coming years!