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Monday, January 26, 2009

After further review

I got a notice this weekend that the people who do reviews for Lulu, the company that I used to self-publish my book, Learn Me Good, had finally put up a review for me! It starts off just a BIT depressingly, but then turns into a nice glowing review. Please check it out and offer comments!!

Also, I did a bit of review on the picture card that I mentioned earlier. It certainly looks like Barack Obama and his wife and 2 kids. I couldn't find a publication date on the box or on any of the materials inside the box, so I called Hampton-Brown, who publishes them. They put me in touch with a local rep who looked up the publication date.

The cards were printed in 2003. Therefore, it can't be the Obamas, because the little girls on the card look like the Obama girls do NOW.

But see for yourself. I took a picture of the card. Tell me that doesn't look like the Obamas...


educat said...

It does look like them. It really does. Please look at the rest of the cards and see if you can tell any other part of the future. Sarah Palin on the beach card? What other Nostradamus-like tricks does your curriculum hold?!

Anonymous said...

That looks creepily like the Obama girls! Whoa!

by the way, why did you decide to self-publish instead of traditional publishing?

Mister Teacher said...

educat -- Too funny!! I haven't looked through all the cards yet, but maybe I'll find a picture of OJ Simpson in a prison jumpsuit?

Meg, I would have LOVED to have gotten traditionally published, but I wasn't having any luck with securing an agent. So I decided to self-publish.