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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When you plan to fail, you fail to plan

You know, as a brand new English language arts teacher, I'm looking for all of the tips and guidance I can get on how to put my lessons together and what to do for my kids. So it sure would be nice if the vaunted Curriculum Planning Guides (CPGs) that the district tells us to follow were actually UP TO DATE!!!

It's Tuesday of the 9th week of school, and the plans for the 10th week aren't even online yet!!!

As Cliff Claven would say, "What's up with that??"

I'm thinking the people in charge of writing these things, DEFINTELY need to buy this shirt...

1 comment:

askthehomediva said...

Come now, Mr. Teacher! Given how the district operates normally is it any surprise that you have no "steeeeeeking lesson plans"? Did you really expect something different? Maybe those lesson plans are with those millions? Jeez Louise!