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Saturday, October 25, 2008

No more TAKS?

So let me tell you this story about this CRAZY bus driver/TA we have at my school...

Just kidding. Inside joke. :)

I'm a little behind on my newspaper reading for the week, but one of the last stories I read in the Dallas Morning News suggested that the TAKS test may be going away!! Well, no, I don't think the news is quite THAT good, but it did suggest that the TAKS may not be so influential in deciding kids' fates.

They may do away with the requirement that 3rd graders and 5th graders HAVE to pass TAKS to be promoted to the next grade level. Also, a school's performance rating would be based on a 3-year average, instead of only one year of data.

I just hope it's not replaced with something even more ridiculous!!


Melissa B. said...

Well, if the TAKS test is anything like Virginia's SOLs, it SHOULD go away! Talk about teaching to the lowest common denominator...I've seen smarter sweet potatoes at the grocery store than some of those insipid questions! BTW, please don't forget Sx3 tomorrow! Consider your funnybone tickled in advance!

Anonymous said...

I want to hear about the bus driver!


Ms. Longhorn said...

I don't know.. I think we should test all our kids on the SAT's in Grade 8. That's the trend it seems.

Exit Level TAAS questions are now 8th grade questions in the math field. It's just crazy.