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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Save a forest, use the back of the paper!

The good folks at have moved my Mr. Teacher column to Thursday, beginning this week! So if you were wondering why it wasn't up on Tuesday, now you know! This week's column is titled, "Roughing It in the Woods," and it's a summarization of some writing assignments I did with my former students. We had been talking about forest ecosystems, and they wrote some pretty funny things about their imaginary forest homes.

On the same topic, what is up with kids not understanding that they can and should use the BACK of a piece of paper?? Every day, I have to struggle with the kids to make them use the back of the page! Yesterday, a girl turned in her homework with THREE extra sheets of notebook paper that she had done her work on. The back of the original homework sheet was completely blank, there were about 5 problems on the front of each sheet of paper, except for the third, which had 2. What a waste!!


Anonymous said...

While camping in the forest as a child I took it upon myself to conserve the only roll of paper we brought with us by also using the back of the paper.

You can take my word or try it yourself.


Jules said...

ha! my kids are the same way. they crumple paper they made one tiny mistake on too. i always protest, hey, trees are my friends! save paper!

Mrs. T said...

Oh my gosh- I was just complaining about this. My students are constantly wadding up completely blank sheets of paper. They seem to justify it by throwing them into the recycling bin.