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Saturday, September 27, 2008

POW! To the moon!!

My uncle sent me a link this morning, with an out of this world proposal -- TEACHERS! IN!! SPACE!!!

Sign me up, baby, because I've always wanted to see Uranus!


Mrs. T said...

Ya know, they need to just change the name of that poor planet. Does anyone ever take it seriously? Because I know I don't. Any mention of the place, I turn into Beavis (or Butthead, I'm not real loyal to either). I was the same way last summer when I stayed at the Gaylord Resort. heh heh, I said Gaylord. Maybe they should have a Gaylord Resort on Uranus.

Brent said...

Great thing you post this, it is an interesting find and having your blog as reference makes my mba education in australia much easier, keep it up.

Melissa B. said...

If you get to see Uranus, let me know!