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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm finding my voice again

Thanks to either time or antibiotics (or quite possibly the Junior Whopper I had for lunch today), my voice seems to be slowly returning. Thank you to everyone who voiced (oops) concern for me over the weekend. It was such a great topic that I even wrote about it for this week's Mr. Teacher column over on, titled The Voice of the People. Go check it out and leave a comment or 4.

We compared numbers today. Greater than, less than, that sort of thing. My kids seemed to grasp that pretty well for the most part. Or course, they really sank their teeth into the whole "alligator mouth eats the greater number" mnemonic. Literally. Almost all of them had the inequality sign pointing the right way on their exercises, but almost all of them had drawn HUGE inequality signs, complete with jagged teeth, forked tongues, and in some cases, firey breath.

A fellow teacher, Mrs. Math told me that one child looked at an exercise where the two sides were equal and exclaimed, "The alligator don't know which side to eat!!"


Unknown said...

I would have drawn the whole alligator, but then I grew up to be an art teacher....
I guess the pacman example doesn't work as well these days, huh?

In response to the fist-bump idea: I think most kids wipe their noses with the back of their hand, so that probably isn't any better. Maybe you could try, like, a hip check.

The Bus Driver said...

.... pac man was sooo 70's-80's...... i grew up with the alligator teeth being the mnemonic.

Unknown said...

yup, well I would have been first introduced to greater than and less than in about 1985... so, it was Pac Man for me.