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Thursday, May 29, 2008

That's the thanks I get

The Carnival of Education is being hosted at Mrs. Bluebird's Classroom this week, and it has lots and lots of nuggets of bloggy joy. Check it out!

A while ago, I told the kids in my class that I would have an ice cream party for all of the kids who passed the math TAKS test. Today, I came through on that promise.

I had 30 kids in my classroom during recess, going nuts as usual. Of those 30, exactly 2 said Thank You to me at any time during the day. Many of the others were too busy gobbling their ice cream and coming up, wanting seconds before some other classmates had even had firsts. Afterwards, they actually got upset that they wouldn't be going out to play, since the ice cream party had taken up all of their recess!

Sometimes it just seems like I can't win for trying. This is yet another reason why I am very happily taking tomorrow off...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ahhh yes I hear ya. We had bubble day in my class. I spent a small fortune on individual containers of bubbles for my "darlings." After I passed them out, they actually complained about the color of the container :0!!! I had 1 thank you....... I felt like taking them all back and dumping them on the ground .....