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Sunday, May 11, 2008

A really sorry movie parody

OK, so I've got another home movie out, this one somewhat timely if not exactly professional. Since Speed Racer debuted this week in the theaters, I put out my own version on YouTube.

I invite you all to check out E-Raser, a parody of Speed Racer -- made on a budget of only about a buck and a quarter! (And it shows!) Next up, my 3 year old nephew and I collaborate on a Lego reimagining of Iron Man...


Melissa B. said...

Big lines at the mall this weekend for "Speed Racer"--if you promo "E-Raser," perhaps you'll win a nod from The Academy as well? Funny stuff!

Ed U. Cater said...

Two words for you: Fishing Line!
The be-all-end-all-answer for special effects such as... err... suspending and rotating an eraser in midair. :) Funny nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Fishing Line is High Tech. I think The Flash set out to make a no budget
sequel to Speed Racer but could not dispel his day to day influences.

Mister Teacher said...

Fishing line??!!?? On a TEACHER'S salary??!!??

Are you kidding me? You over there in your ivory tower eating cavier and lighting fires with $100 bills, also??

Unknown said...

Hilarious...or perhaps I'm just easily entertained.

Rebel said...

That was so much awesome!