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Monday, October 01, 2007

Sharp dressed man

Just like September is now over, so too is our privilege of "summer dress code." As of today, we had to wear our OFFICIAL teacher dress code, which is pantyhose for women and ties for men.

Never before in years past do I remember getting so many comments and compliments from the kids! My homeroom class didn't say a lot when they saw me this morning, but at 10:30 when we switched classes, Mrs. Jenn Ed's class had a lot to say!

"Nice tie!"

"You look great today!"

"I like your shirt!"


"You look like a businessman!"

"Is that 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag??"

I just threw that last one in as an example of the kind of thing that was NOT said to me today. Everything was very positive!

So here's to the new dress code! And here's to the temperatures staying below 100° while I have to wear a tie!!!


Anonymous said...

an uncanny resemblance to CLARK KENT who actually visited our school one day last year.

Anonymous Joe

Ms. Longhorn said...

I think winter dress code should be sweatpants, sweatshirts and slippers.. think they'd buy that one? I bet you looked very handsome!

Mrs. T said...

Do you have to wear anything WITH the tie? And do you have to wear the tie around your neck?
Just askin'.

Mike in Texas said...

Why do they want you to spend the day with a noose around your neck?

Anonymous said...

Why do they want you to spend the day with a noose around your neck?

I sometimes call it "The Noosence Round My Neck"


Mister Teacher said...

Ms Longhorn, sounds like a plan to me! I love the sweats!
Mrs. T, I don't know that it specifies in the guidelines that we have to wear anything else, but I ain't coming to school wearing nothing but a strategically placed tie...
Mike, TAKS makes me feel like I spend the entire school YEAR with a noose around my neck...

Unknown said...

I always wear a sportcoat, dress shirt and pants, tie, and loafers, except on Friday, when I wear a suit just to make a quiet little protest against the abomination known as casual Fridays. But I do so because I want to, not because the university or my department requires it.

EHT said...

Ok, you enjoyed your compliments. That will encourage you to continue complying with the dress code, however, have you ever had to yank up pantyhose all day? :)

Hmmmmmm....I'm just wondering who the pantyhose police are at your school?