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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Have gun, will lecture

There was a story in the paper today about an Oregon high school teacher who is fighting for her right to carry a concealed handgun in her classroom.

I wonder what the dress code is at her school, because I have a feeling that she's also petitioning for her Bad Idea Jeans.

This teacher claims that it's for protection against a vengeful ex-husband as well as being a preventive measure for a Columbine-like situation. I really don't think that arming teachers is the way to go. I'm thinking, if you HAVE to have guns at your school to deter would-be killers, you want those guns out in the open where everyone can see them! Therefore, armed security guards would be the way to go. School kids who can't even remember which hand is longer on the clock certainly aren't going to be deterred by the possibility that one of their teachers might be carrying a 9mm Glock in her Louis Vuitton.

Besides, can you imagine the lawsuits involved if one of the students got their hands on a gun that belonged to a teacher? It's not like this teacher in Oregon is wearing a shoulder holster; her gun is presumably kept in her purse, which I doubt she holds on to every second of the day. I can't imagine an effective teacher standing at the blackboard, chalk in one hand, purse in the other.

Hopefully, the Oregon courts will toss this lady's case out the window. Because personally, I don't want anything to do with an NTLU policy. Of course, that's No Teacher Left Unarmed.


Diane Strickland said...
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Chance said...

Yeah... and imagine the lawsuits after a frazzled teacher shoots a kid who she thought had a gun, but was "only kidding."

Anonymous said...

Are you packing heat Crosswalk Man?
Or did something especially arousing
just pass by?


Anonymous said...

You know, there are days when I just don't like them. I wouldn't shoot one of them, but I know of a few I speculate about. Agreeing with chance...

Smithie said...

My dad used to tell a story of a Principal carrying a 45 cal. pistol in Flint MI in the late 60s. When he asked him why he carried a 45 the principal responded "because they don't make a 50." But seriously this is insane. This teacher needs to run not walk from the profession.

Anonymous said...
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Mrs. T said...

Um, that last comment? Who hit "anonymous" (IF that's his real name) with the Diarrhea of the Keyboard Stick?

Guns, heck, I'd settle for a wet bar in the teacher's lounge.

Mister Teacher said...

I dunno who the heck that "final prophet" guy is. Does he spam up anybody else's blog??