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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bathroom browsing?

Yesterday was my first day back to school since last Friday, as I woke up Monday morning and started vomiting. Vomiting is really a big deal for me, and when it happens, which is incredibly rare, it means I'm really sick. So I stayed home on Monday and Tuesday.

Which of course means that I got to behold all of the wonders that await a teacher when he or she returns from an absence. The missing pencils, the overhead markers in random locations, the page full of notes from the substitute teacher detailing exactly how poorly behaved my class was.

And why do my kids always ask me, "Where were you???" Like I took two days off to attend a Dixie Chicks concert in Tuscaloosa.

But enough about that. My topic today is the odd behavioral patterns of the little girls in my classes when we take a restroom break. Not just the girls in this year's classes, either. The girls have always done this, and it makes me wonder what is going on in their heads.

Here's how it looks to me: I'm standing outside of the bathroom doors, and through the doorway, I can see two of the mirrors hanging above the sinks. Reflected in those mirrors, I can see two or three of the stall doors in the bathroom. What I see is a girl pushing open one of the stall doors and then giving a long, lingering look at whatever is inside. Then that girl will move to the next stall door and repeat the process.

It's like they're comparison shopping!!

I always have to shout in at them, "Just pick one and go! Stop window shopping!"

What is up with that???


Simply Sublime said...

Glad you are feeling better!

We like to survey our options. The next one may be cleaner!

Actually, just the thought of an elementary school's girl's bathroom makes me a bit queasy.

Have a great Friday and let those girls browse! j/k! :-)

Chance said...

Maybe they're looking for a clean bowl.

proofoflife said...

Yes, indeey , we all have the same comment. Maybe one toilet was unflushed! soooooooogrosss!

Mister Teacher said...

So go in and flush the toilet!! I mean, it's a bathroom after all! I don't understand why anyone would expect it to be as clean or fresh smelling as a silicon chip manufacturing facility. IT'S A BATHROOM!!!

Ed U. Cater said...

Funny! You have a funny tidbit about the girls. I have a funny tidbit about the boys! Check it out at:

loonyhiker said...

I can tell that you have never been in a woman's bathroom. Some of them are NASTY! Some you don't even want to enter any part of airspace in that stall! Girls learn at an early age that bathrooms can be a scary place!