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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stop surfing, you're home!

There was a very interesting article on the front page of the Dallas Morning News yesterday. School kids have found a way to bypass Internet filters in order to surf sites that are supposed to be off-limits. These kids might not know the capital of Alabama, but by golly they are Web savvy enough to work their way around these feeble so-called obstacles.
According to the article (though I have my doubts), only a handful of these mostly high school students are using their wiles to access sites such as or Mostly, they want to be able to send e-mail, play games, and chat on say, if they're going to surf prohibited sites, why not surf Learn Me Good? Welcome, all you high-tech slackers! Sure, your grades are going to take a hit since you're too busy playing Warcraft online to know the Treaty of Paris from the MPEG of Paris Hilton. But look on the bright side, you make the top half of the class possible.


HappyChyck said...

I'm glad--well, glad isn't exactly the word--to know that it's not just at my school. Several of my students have lost their laptops because they violated the AUP by bypassing all the safeguards put up for them. Kind of irritating that they can't participate in certain technological classroom activities because they were too smart for their own goods and now have lost what has become a common tools for us. Are we sure it isn't just easier to teach without computers?

Mister Teacher said...

Well, I teach third grade, so none of my kids have laptops. And when I was going through school (crotchety-old-man-speak begins now), I never had a laptop to use in regular classroom activities. In fact, when I took high school calculus, we did our problems on paper with a pencil -- we didn't use graphing calculators like all the kids use now. But clearly, I come from an oppressed, repressed, resource-lacking era.