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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Farewell letter

Last Wednesday, the last day of classes for the year, I got a very sweet little note from one of my students from last year. It was written on a salmon-colored piece of paper, folded in half, and it was left taped to my door.
Here is what it said:

Hi! Mister Teacher is me D. I was in your class in 3rd grade. Now I passed to fifth grade. I'm not going to be here next year I'm going to the new school. Today is my last day of school in (my school). So I'm not to wave to you every time I see you! I'm going to miss you and the 4th grade teachers!

Very sweet, isn't it? And the really funny thing is that her impression of me must have really changed dramatically. Last year, on her first day in my class, we could hardly get her to enter the room. She was bawling on my doorstep as her mother and I tried to convince her to come in and set down at a desk. It finally took our bilingual teacher to come and talk her down, in Spanish, before she would even set foot in my room.
But, like I said, I guess I turned out to be not so bad after all...

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