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Monday, May 15, 2006

Not playing favorites

I gave my final math test to this year's class last Friday. At least I hope it will be the final test of the year. I needed something to finish out our March Mathness tournament -- I know, it's May, isn't that ridiculous?
This was not a test out of a workbook, or anything that I had copied. I just made up 10 questions, wrote them down on a blank overhead transparency, and had the kids do their work on a sheet of notebook paper.
The very last question on this test was, "Draw your favorite polygon." We had gone over polygons and their properties several times throughout the school year, and I wanted to see who remembered. What really cracked me up though was one little girl's response to the question.
She wrote, "I do not really have a favorite polygon."
Gotta watch how you word these things...

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