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Monday, May 08, 2006

Monkey business

All right, I am back!
It is currently Monday evening, so I haven't been back to my classroom since Friday afternoon -- I have no idea what I'm in store for when I walk through that door tomorrow morning. Hopefully, all will be as it was when I left it. Hopefully, there will be no burning tires in the middle of the room, or vines or trash hanging from the ceiling. But you just never know when you take a day off...
Since our fun day outside got rained out on Friday, we stayed inside and watched movies. We put up this film called Most Extreme Primate (MXP) -- a movie about a chimp who snowboards. I kid you not. As you might guess, this movie was excruciatingly painful to watch. The plot was ridiculous, the dialogue made no sense, and quite frankly, that monkey was just phoning his performance in. The director must have pulled one of the actors aside before filming and told him, "OK, I need you to pretend that you're Keanu Reeves trying to be Pauley Shore!"
I give this movie two opposable thumbs down. But, it did have a lot of scenes of monkeys running around in underwear, so naturally the kids absolutely loved it. Go figure.


Amerloc said...

Monkeys in underwear!

What's not to love?

Anonymous said...

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